How To Schedule 5 - 10 New Appointments Every Month Using These 
Lead-to-New Client "Acceleration" 
Email Templates 

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Do You Already Have 52 Weeks Of Emails
That You Can Start Sending To Your New Leads,
Prospects and Referrals
That Create Urgency and Desire
To Hire You Right Now? 

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If you’re not great at writing emails 
that get your leads and prospects to call you and ask you,  
"What do I need to do to get started?"...

If your lead follow-up emails don't position as you as
the UNDISPUTED, go-to expert...

If your follow-up email campaigns
don't clearly communicate why you AND your services/solutions
are better/different than all of your competitors...

If you do NOT have 50 -100 hours of free time
to sit at your computer and write dozens of SALES-generating emails,
autoresponders, response sequences,
follow-up and conversion campaigns to all of your leads, prospects,
"hand-raisers", referrals and new clients.

This IS for you.

If you want the ultimate SHORTCUT to having 101 fill-in-the-blank
Lead Follow Up, trust and rapport-building, nurture, expert positioning
and Sales-Generating emails
ready to start sending to interested prospects...

...And, you'd like to "flip-a-switch" 
so you can start generating sales on Day 1...
This is for YOU.

  • These Email Templates will work for ANY business. They are not industry/profession specific. They are written based on (and include) human psychology "triggers".
  • ​You can import them into any CRM or broadcast email platform
  • ​There are email, autoresponder, response sequence, trust/nurture,
    expert positioning and sales generating conversion campaigns
  • ​All you have to do is fill-in-the-blanks with your information, details, etc.

What This is Not...

  • These are not web design templates
  • ​These are not landing page templates
  • These are not sales or "closing" scripts

Here's what you get...

  • Welcome Sequence
  • Pain-Agitation-Solution Sequence
  • Fork-in-the-road Sequence
  • Engagement Sequence
  • Re-Engagement Sequence
  • Up-level Sequence
  • Conversion Sequence
  • ​A Referral/Affiliate Sequence
  • Welcome 
  • Cart/Website Abandonment 
  • Special Offer/Sale 
  • Give-a-Way 
  • Upgrade 
  • Hidden Offer
  • Insight/Discovery 
  • ​And, 18 more...
  • These are direct response offer emails that are designed to generate sales.You can include benefits, special offers, deadlines, etc.
  • This is the consistent, benefit-rich, endearing, trust-building and nurturing email sequence that most business owners are MISSING.  
  • ​This sequence will last you 90 days.
  • ​Send these emails out every 7 - 9 days to maintain top-of-mind awareness, generate referrals, positive word-of-mouth, expert positioning... build your. name, brand and fame and make SALES.
  • These emails provide insight and/or benefit to the reader...AND, also make a direct offer to hire or buy from you.  
  •  That means your email will help them understand how and why you can help them solve their problem, while offering them the service/solution you provide. (Hint: Your service/solution becomes the obvious choice)
  • These emails are also designed to help you accelerate the know, like and trust process.

But That's Not All!
You'll Get These 4 Additional Bonuses As Well!

  • These special offers email campaigns are specifically designed to turn prospects into new clients (and sales). 
  • ​They can also be used to generate repeat purchases, up-sells, cross-sells and referrals. 
  • The first thing your reader sees is the subject line. In order to make sales, you need them to OPEN and read the email.
  • ​You are going to get a list of HIGHLY compelling subject lines that you can use, edit, tweak and perfect in order to generate the highest percentage of opens...and sales!
  • This is the Know, Like and Trust email formula.
  • ​Plus, you'll learn how to communicate your expert positioning, and how and why you are better/different than your competitors.  
  • When you know HOW to communicate your value and the value of your services/solutions in a way that earns instant respect, admiration and desire in your prospects mind (and it doesn't feel like you're bragging), you can make offers from a position of authority. 
  • ​Hint: Think of the best of the best doctors, professionals, hair stylists, restaurants, etc., in your city...don't people feel fortunate when they "get in"?!
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So you can create loyal, raving and referring fans.
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  • ​10 "Top of Mind" 90 Day Email Campaigns ($297)
  • ​10 "50/50" Email Campaigns ($297 Value)
  • ​5 "Special Offer" Email Campaigns ($197 Value)
  • ​144 Email Subject Lines:  ($197 Value)
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  • ​Email Authority Template:  ($47 Value)

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